MUD\WTR | Coffee Alternative

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MUD\WTR™ is a coffee alternative consisting of organic ingredients lauded by cultures old and young for their health and performance benefits. With 1/7th the caffeine of coffee, mud gives you natural energy, focus and more without the jitters and crash.

Serving Instructions:

Add a tablespoon to hot water and add whatever you like. Some like it with a little creamer, some honey or even bulletproof. Done? Stir well before enjoying like the legend you are.


Organic mushroom blend (chaga, reishi, lion’s mane, cordyceps mycelial biomass cultured on organic oats), Organic cacao, Organic Spice Blend (organic cinnamon, organic turmeric, organic ginger, organic cardamom, organic black pepper, organic nutmeg, organic cloves), Organic black tea powder, Himalayan pink salt.

Nutrition Information:

Serving Size 1 tbsp (6g) Calories 20 Fat .5g Sodium 10mg Carbohydrates 4g Sugar 0g Fiber 1g Protein <1g

Caffeine 14mg