Ashley Chase Andrews | Untitled Black Shape 64x60

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Acrylic on Paper
White gallery wood frame
Museum quality plexiglass
64" x 60"

Ashley Andrews is a contemporary mid-career New York artist.

Andrews began developing her intuitive approach to abstract painting at the New York Studio School and the Harlem Studio School in New York. She also attended the legendary Art Students League of New York, where she studied under Larry Poons. Andrews has cultivated a distinctively dynamic and emphatic style of gestural abstraction that is instantly recognizable as her own.

The late Walter Liedtke, a curator at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, has likened Andrews’ confident brushwork to that of Willem de Kooning and compared her mastery of color favorably to Helen Frankenthaler and Henri Matisse.

However, Andrews’ canvases are also enlivened by her compositional risk-taking and the unpretentiousness of her “drop cloth aesthetic,” both of which give the work a raw, contemporary freshness that speaks to the energies and attitudes of the present age.

Ashley Chase Andrews | Untitled Black Shape 64x60